Man's greatest invention, except when bitches lie about being on this shit.
by Emerson ain't got shit on me December 06, 2017
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1. Urban slang referring to a basketball.

2. Formalized by the article "The" it can be taken to refer to only an NBA regulation basketball.
- Toss me the pill, yo.

- This ghetto ass ball is tired; we need to purchse The Pill.
by MBeech July 04, 2004
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the act of ramming your fist in someones anus (especially when someone has to take a crap) or vagina--- while screaming loudly "THE PILL!" this is usually done as an act of affection or as a joke this is in no way sexually related...
margaux, jessica, ellie often use the pill as a prevoker of laughter amongst themselves.

this was invented when sarah's mom wanted to put a 'stool softener' in sarah's ass when she was constipated and while she did her bestfriend samantha yelled "the pill!"
by margauxjessellie May 26, 2007
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