A person who gives sex up too any and everyone. A hoe,whore,or slut
Yeah i hit that homeboy. That girl was nothing but a toss.
by Cali Shark February 14, 2015
Mainly used in the Southern part of US mainly in Memphis.Toss is when one female is getting toss around a group of guys.
“Damn cuh the the whole basketball team tossed her ahh”
“Me and lil Jay tossed ha last night foo”
by Nigga_from_Memphis August 29, 2019
Used in place of 'fuck'. ( not relating to sex).
Kenneth:I passed you in the test.
Abiodun:I don't give a toss man.
by MenaTwoFour July 28, 2015
"Russell loves to toss women."
by Dijonne September 22, 2004
To blank, curve someone.

Reject someone's sexual advances (often done in an indirect manner).
Divine:How's it going with Emerald?
John:She tossed me mate
Divine:What do you mean?
John:She told me she likes guys like me but not me.
She basically curved me.
Divine:Sorry mate.
by MenaTwoFour August 31, 2015
That guy on #pacult that rocks socks.
Sup Toss
by joe December 20, 2003
The ladettes of the sixth form, often have amazing hair and disguise their own intelligence in order to appear more attractive
Gosh, the toss-toss can be so intimidating!
by AliGdebate June 28, 2014