When a light-skiined person is so close to the white race, it seems as if that person is white.
Passing~ Jason Kidd, is he white or black?
by librakkk April 12, 2009
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When someone says something so funny that you feel like you are passing away.
Stephen: Remember that time Sam left the bar to puke outside and immediately got thrown in the drunk tank.
Sally: Stop! I'm passing!
by stephenplans April 23, 2013
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An easy way to avoid literally any question.
Random Female: Does this dress make me look fat?

Potentially You: Pass.
by Dunkindiabetes September 7, 2016
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The answer to discussing the Secret Formula on the third Wednesday of Janurary and it's not raining outside after you gargle pudding.
Mr Krabs: "Oh that's an easy one! You just.. just.. It's janurary with pudding you uh.. uh... pass?
by Johneatsdust April 16, 2020
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What you shall not do.
You shall not pass!
by Link998 June 18, 2013
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You receive something from a third party, and then you share it with another or others.

For instance, if you acquired some kind of knowledge from someone, and then you went on spreading it out, you "pass it on."
Have you received any act of kindness? Pass it on.

Are you done with the platter of chicken? Pass it on.
by CLTseng November 7, 2013
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-Would you like a drink?
-No thanks, I'll pass.
by Anonymous October 7, 2003
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