a flaming, liquid, explosive, makes-you-grab-onto-the-nearest-object-for-support, kind-of-feels-like-a-butthole-abort, butt clenching wet chunky, don’t-let-it-in-your-mouth-or-it’ll-taste-funky, stew, don’t-let-it-brew, horrifying poo poo, sweat-inducing, buttocks-loosening, toilet-bowl-cruising, you-bet-you’re-losing, when-it-drops-toilet-water-plops-and-makes-you-hops-off-the-toilet-before-you-drops-to-the-ground-and-cry, super-soaker. internal-poker, buttcake-muffin, organ-stuffin, leaves-you-huffin-and-puffin, brown-town, makes-you-frown, don’t-let-it-pile-up-or-you’ll-drown, if-you-survive-you-deserve-a-crown-your-insides-have-been-grinder-up-ground, lumpy, chunky and round, don’t-make-a-sound, life-of-death, out-of-breath, mop-it-up, take-a-dump-in-a-cup, snotty, juicy, dum-dum-bubblegum, spraying everywhere, watery diarrhea.
ryah: last week i took a number 3 and i haven’t been able to walk since!
haset: really? last month i had a number 3 and i haven’t felt safe using a bathroom since!
by pissbaby67 June 11, 2021
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Comes from the childrens nursery rhyme:

Number 1, tickle my bum
Number 2, do a big poo
Number 3, go for a wee
by Kellygirl February 12, 2012
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Rhyming slang for doing a pee or wee (urinate)

In the same way number 2 is rhyming slang for poo.
Had too much to drink, gotta go number 3.
by Jazpur September 4, 2011
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A number 3: a used term, when going to the bathroom. Specifically, going into the bathroom to masturbate.
Henry is taking a number 1, Becky is taking a number 2, and Jack... Is taking a number 3.
by Oweenie Bang Gweenie July 13, 2019
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The act of making thick in the warm / doing sex on a lady / putting your choo choo train in a womans tunnel
Im gonna make sex on a lady and number 3 in her warm
by ToppingPilot20 November 8, 2020
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Suzy was relieved when she finally had her number 3.
by Goofnut January 9, 2022
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The act of taking a shit in a bidet. Usually done by American tourists in European countries who come back to their hotel rooms drunk off their ass.
I made sure to leave an extra large tip for the cleaning lady because I had accidentally gone number 3 the night before.
by thehunger August 25, 2007
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