The act of making passionate love on the floor, thereby sweeping at least a small section of it. An excellent way to combine work and play.
The cleaning lady did a really nice job on the kitchen floor. And the bathroom. And the other bathroom.
by fornicatia December 17, 2009
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This is when, after having sex where a man cums in a girl, she sits on his face and he sucks it out. At the same time licking her pussy.
After he cumed in me i made him be my "cleaning lady" and suck it all out.
by Fetish Master October 15, 2007
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Apparently from the book 'Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness' by Bryan Lee O'Malley..... Meaning is unsure of though we think it can be used as a means of intimidation.....
Started being said because it was thought that it was funny, BUT IT'S NOT!!! ok maybe just a little......
Girl1)Now ur walking faster?
Girl2)Well i would but he's in my way!
Boy)Is that some kind of fat joke?
Girl2)Tell it to the cleaning lady on Monday!(as she and girl1 walk away)
Girl1)OMG that was sooo stupid!
by Shadow_Casters' Friend October 20, 2010
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