Usually a rave-goer. Wearing bright plastic beadz, see Kandi. Also someone who believes TRUELY in PLUR. Usually very happy/cheery. Loves Bright colours, and people.
Those two Kandi kidz over there are really nice! Cute too!
by Hardcore_kandi_kidz May 14, 2003
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Someone who goes to raves for more than to pick up dates. Usually like techno, happy hardcore, ebm, ect.... Often noted for cheerful attitudes, lots of kandi, bright clothing, and live by p.l.u.r. (peace, love, unity, and respect). Highly entertained, and found with, objects that blink, glow, light up, shine, or anything of that sort.
1.He is dancing with the kandi kid over there.

2.The kandi kid went to get hair dye.
by TaintedKoneko September 8, 2006
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people usually between the ages of 14-20 who over-accessorize themselves in things such as plastic jewelry, blinking/glowing items, etc. these people can be found in, but are not limited to, the rave scene, and typically are the type who will stay up entire nights and sometimes several nights on various drugs.
"i'd consider going to a trance show, if it weren't for all those kandi kids"
by ~Bean~ March 7, 2006
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Kandi Kids (other spellings of Kandi: Kandy, Candy, Candi, Candie ... you get the idea. other spellings for Kids: kidds) are people of any age (but usually not much older than 20 or much younger than 12) who believe thoroughly in P.L.U.R. (Peace Love Unity Respect (optional second R stands for Responsibility)), usually attend raves (though not all do, especially the younger ones) and are often seen wearing neon colors, sparkles, jewelry made of pony beads or similarly chunky plastic beads, things that sparkle, blink or glow and things made of/related to plushies (stuffed animals, for those of you who forget what plushies are). Kandi Kids usually love techno, but most are happy with any music that they can dance to. At raves, Kandi Kids are the ones who go around talking to everyone, doing their best to make new friends and swapping Kandi with their new friends. The swap is usually done by holding hands and sliding the bracelet from one person to the other. In their backpacks (usually plushie backpacks) they carry toys, candy, sometimes drugs and any assortment of other things to entertain not only them but also others. Kandi Kids look like they may have roots in the Hirajuku district in Japan, their clothes can be that outlandish. Many see them as druggies, especially considering they were once best known for selling and ingesting E, but in truth many choose to get high off of the music instead of the drugs. A good example of a Kandi Kid is in the movie A Midsummer Nights Rave. The blond girl who talks insanely fast is a Kandi Kid.

And for the record, this is all coming from a Kandi Kid.
person 1: Which one's the Kandi Kid?

person 2: You can't tell? She's the cutie over there flitting about in the neon and talking to everyone she comes across.
by PLUR Panda March 26, 2008
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the most happiest and greatiest people put on earth! they wear beads(also called candy) and smile at everyone... they are the bestiest ravers
I met this cute kandy kid at the rave i went to last weekend.
by Becca November 16, 2003
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Kandi kids are people who go to raves, and wear kandi. Kandi is made of pony beads and elastic string made up into bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, anklets, bikinis, visors etc. Most Kandi kids have rave names, sort of like an alias. They are always in high spirits around the rave scene. Most kandi kids will wear kandi regardless if they are at a rave or not. Kandi kids also like to give away kandi, little toys, hugs and sometimes kisses. They also normally wear children's clothing(Scooby-Doo, Hello Kitty, Invader Zim etc.) and baggy pants/skirts with stockings or long colorful socks. This group of people respects P.L.U.R.(R.).Which means Peace, Love, Unity, Respect(Responsibility) and is wildly respected among the Rave community.
Kandi Kid's are the best people in the world. The're always happy, colorful, and give free kandi/candy/toys/hugs/kisses!
by NarwhalTheRaver October 24, 2010
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A kandi kid is a type of raver that ussaly listens to hapoy hardcore or other types of techno music they are known for there large legged pants(kik wears or ufos) and were MANY bright colored beaded braclets they have a happy attitude and go by PLUR (peace love unity respect)!.jpg
kandi kids
by Briauna [[muffin]] August 11, 2006
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