Also used as its acronym kit, keep it together is a self motiviational phrase to use when things are getting chaotic and you are starting to freak. It is meant to be said repeatedly and very quickly, almost as one word.
"Keep it together, keepittogether, keepittogether...."
by Seanie G August 12, 2007
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A phrase uttered when a person(s) is trying extremely hard to not laugh at an inappropriate time.
DoritoBag!Wildcat: *Turns around, making the sound of a crinkling bag of doritos as he does so*

*Everyone else absolutely loses it*

(Attempt 2)

*Wildcat does the same thing as before*

Wildcat: ALRIGHT MEN! We've been stuck on this god forsaken planet... *shakes bag* FOR FAR TOO LONG!

*Vanoss starts snickering*

Wildcat: ...Keep it together, guys!

*Everyone starts laughing*

Wildcat: We're gonna keep doing this until it's not even remotely funny anymore.
by Someone who kinda exists January 2, 2022
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