Added to one's name this is a general reference of one's superior strength or toughness.
Dude, you just broke that deer's neck with your bare hands. Who are you Brian of the Mountain?
by rpetras April 27, 2008
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The buttocks, gluteus maximus, or ass. The term puts the butt cheeks as the mountains and the butt crack as the valley between the mountains.
Get your no-no stick away from my no-no mountains.
by awesomeMCawesomeness April 11, 2009
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When an underdog completely destroys the expected winner such as the Mountaineers did to Clemson in 2012.
Mountaineers vs Clemson in 2012: Clemson got Mountaineered 70 to 33.
by Sorry Clemson January 09, 2012
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