Added to one's name this is a general reference of one's superior strength or toughness.
Dude, you just broke that deer's neck with your bare hands. Who are you Brian of the Mountain?
by rpetras April 27, 2008
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I climbed a mountain
by Elegant Top Hat September 6, 2017
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"I'm a fully qualified mountaineer!"
"Both of you?"
by mrwishart July 12, 2020
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The buttocks, gluteus maximus, or ass. The term puts the butt cheeks as the mountains and the butt crack as the valley between the mountains.
Get your no-no stick away from my no-no mountains.
by awesomeMCawesomeness April 11, 2009
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when you love somebody your heart and soul and mind is occupied with feelings for them. equipping you with overflowing patience and care if only they signal the same back to you.
when you love somebody you do not see anybody else taking that space, your eyes do not wander off, search. if only they seat you in the same place.

when you love somebody you miss them when they're away, you miss their support, friendship, kiss, touch, their annoying paranoia, their madness, their smile, hugs, speech and silence. you miss their breathing on your chest and yours on theirs.
when you love somebody you are willing to sacrifice the life you have built because you know the pain of losing them will be greater.
when you love somebody you can move mountains.
by Bad Translator April 29, 2020
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When an underdog completely destroys the expected winner such as the Mountaineers did to Clemson in 2012.
Mountaineers vs Clemson in 2012: Clemson got Mountaineered 70 to 33.
by Sorry Clemson January 10, 2012
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Don't be so hard on yourself
Take it one day at a time
when the day is through
don't matter how glaring, harsh
Leave a tender cuddle

That is just for you
and when youre too tired to close your eyes
think of the mountains and the skies
and how time does tend to disguise
everything that is of worth

is only ever to be cherished, not possessed
Kind Regards,
Jesus Christ
by Bad Translator January 14, 2020
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