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When someone keeps going after swallowing all of the cock, and throws the balls in as well. Named for those movies featuring King of the Dickheads, Tom Cruise.
Wow, I bet Katie Holmes must have a huge cock. I wonder if Tom has ever given her the mission impossible?
by ilikeeatingbrains October 01, 2014
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The challenge of finding a person who you dislike to such an extent that you believe they deserve to be gotten legless drunk, picked up, taken back to their house fuck the absolute shit out of them in the dirtiest way possible and when they fall asleep, take a shit on their chest, wipe your ass with their curtains, take a photo and escape the scene of the crime before the person wakes up.
Johnnie did the mission impossible to that girl he hates and got away with it, she had no idea what happened in the morning since she was that drunk the night before, I cant believe it!
by steady10 September 05, 2012
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