a group of bitchy girls who hav to do EVERYTHING together/the same. really popular and really annoying. stupid. airheaded. use like every other word. follows each other around in packs. steals peoples lunch tables on purpose to annoy the other party.
minion1: lets like go like jump off this like cliff!
minions2-4: LIKE YEAH!
the minions1-4:*jumps off cliff*

minion1: oh em gee, i think i broke a nail!
minions2-4: like OMG!! we need 2 like find like, a like hospital, or like sumthing...

minion: im fat...*when actually average size*
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1) fraNk - user of operator/character Minion.
2) well known as the elite player of both the games CyberMyst and Tharsis Gate.
"Hey, has anyone seen Minion?"

Minion sneak quietly around behind you, and prepares to backstab you. Minion slides up to you and impales you on his tainted knife. Hp: -1 You die.
by GW Bush69 May 2, 2005
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The act of telling a minion or person of lower status what to do..
Ben: James, you copy console one to the root of "C:"

James: Ok, Ok.

Joel: Look Ben is Minioning James again..
by Ben Lanteigne March 22, 2007
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The act of prostituting one's self by joining rallies and/or demonstrations for causes one does not necessarily believe in.
It's sad how minionism has replaced patriotism.
by Galileo67 September 2, 2015
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A name used by Elite players of the pc gaming community, they have the ability to claim the top of the score board as their home
Man that guy was on destroying us that game, what was his name? Minion.
by Joexx February 11, 2010
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those yellow niggas you see 40 year old moms sharing
mom:"golly those minions sure are funny"
by doodle guy July 25, 2018
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