The sexual reward one receives for winning a match of Super Smash Bros. That is, your controller vibrates. You know what to do.
Yeah! I just beat Pikachu with Samus' screw attack! I got the jigglies!
by ekolis December 8, 2013
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SEX. the term was immortalised by the song 'jiggly jiggly' of which the lyrics were thus:

(it gets good in the 2nd verse :P)

So the boy knew the girl the girl knew the boy,
The boy met the girl the girl met the boy.
He said “Lemme take you out and show you a wicked time,
I’ll wine and dine you girl and then I’m gonna make you mine.
I’ll walk you home in the moonlight,
Coffee? Yes please, but what I really wanna do…

Is make Jiggly Jiggly on your sofa,
In yo bed I’m gonna hold you tight.
Make Jiggly Jiggly in the hallway,
Right through till the morning light.
We make Jiggly Jiggly by the window,
And after that we might,
Make Jiggly Jiggly on the carpet,
Right through till the morning light
all you think about is jiggly jiggly you make me sick mother!
by caffeine fairy November 28, 2006
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Very large breast that always jiggle...
"Did you see that chicks jigglys???!!!...DAMN!!!!!!"
by Forum_4ever June 24, 2005
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Big ass boobs that shake and jiggle. Hence the name.
Guy 1: "Have you seen Sarah's tits?"
Guy 2: "Hell yeah! She grew some real jigglies over the summer!"
by SpookedSon May 9, 2018
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1. Adjective used to describe a desirably curvaceous female. Also see Juicy and Squishy
2. Adj. A way of describing something as awesome or very pleasant indeed.
1. Adam: "She is looking pretty damn jiggly today. I'd kill to squish her juicy bits or juice her squishy bits for that matter."
2. Laura: "I saw the prettiest dress ever today! Oh, it was jiggly."
by Dogues_De_Hen January 4, 2011
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abbreviation for the pokemon Jigglypuff. Affectionate word, used to describe someone really cute and sweet, usually with big blue eyes.
Anna: "Ciaro, not looking very Jiggly today"

Chiari: "Jiggly, come and pick me up later"
by Jiggly! June 16, 2009
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