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Very large breast that always jiggle...
"Did you see that chicks jigglys???!!!...DAMN!!!!!!"
by Forum_4ever June 24, 2005
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1. Adjective used to describe a desirably curvaceous female. Also see Juicy and Squishy
2. Adj. A way of describing something as awesome or very pleasant indeed.
1. Adam: "She is looking pretty damn jiggly today. I'd kill to squish her juicy bits or juice her squishy bits for that matter."
2. Laura: "I saw the prettiest dress ever today! Oh, it was jiggly."
by Dogues_De_Hen January 04, 2011
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abbreviation for the pokemon Jigglypuff. Affectionate word, used to describe someone really cute and sweet, usually with big blue eyes.
Anna: "Ciaro, not looking very Jiggly today"

Chiari: "Jiggly, come and pick me up later"
by Jiggly! June 15, 2009
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(Adj.) Yet another word meaning cool, great, excellent, nice, etc. Jiggly comes in various forms depending the the degree of jiggliness involved. This word is currently used regularly in this manner by about 2 people on earth.

See also hyper-jiggly, uber-jiggly, beyond jiggly, and non-jiggly.
Thanks for the five buck you lent me, man. That was rather jiggly of you.
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a word now used by more than just 2 people. Make it four. Means that stuff's all jiggly-like.
Look Mama! He all jiggly!!!
by GIR January 31, 2004
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Short shorts worn by girls (or guys I guess too, I guess) who are a bit on the chubby side.
"Hey, that girl's wearing jigglies!"
"The girl that sits next to me in math was wearing jugglies today. You could see all her goodies. They were just like, BAM!"
" that guy wearing jigglies ? Oh god."
by Amb-eerrBeckayy August 19, 2009
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