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busting the nut into the nostril and then punching full force into the nose to draw blood
I gave that bitch the jelly donut.
by Captain Mudge October 02, 2003
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When you are performing anal sex on your girlfriend, pull out as you are about to ejaculate, you spread her ass cheeks apart and ejaculate around the opening, when you're done you squish her buttocks together, thus causing the ejaculate to squish out the top and bottom of the crack, as a jelly donut.
Last night I gave my lady "The Jelly Donut" just to watch the jizz squeeze out.
by SwayDizzle420 September 02, 2010
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(Noun): when a guy takes a jelly donut and fucks a girl then cums in the donut and gives it to the girl to eat....

reccomended for fat girls
"Dude, i totally gave that girl the jelly donut last night!"
by cofcchubbychaser November 03, 2009
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