Lol, get a cum filled mug for your GF Karen
"I got a cum filled mug for my GF Karen!"
"That's great, man!"
by Urban Dictionary Moderator 420 September 9, 2021
its kind of self explanitory
My ass is cum filled right now
by c4shs December 29, 2020
(1) When expectations of something exceeds the reality of it.
(2) When hopes and dreams of something are shattered.
When I was a kid I thought adulthood would be awesome but it turned out to be a cum filled Twinkie.
by Rastus McGee February 23, 2018
A promiscuous person who is defined by the use of a condom. A dinger is slang for condoms.
by shazzyshaz December 31, 2011
A phrase used by people when something unexpected/bad happens, used in the same way as "fish sticks!", "fuck.", "oh shit!" or "Bob Saget!" You can say it to anything that compares to biting into a donut filled with cum instead of jelly. The most effective phrase to use that doesn't include a curse word.
boy: "I'm so happy, i finished my homework and i think i'm going to get to third base tonight!"

friend: "Yeah, that Dickens essay took forever to finish"

boy: "Essay?!? Cum Filled Donuts!!!
by A International Poon Handler February 11, 2009
a cum bubble that is filled with sist.
"Bryanna always has sist filled cum bubble's "
me- "dude , whats that ..? " Bryanna - "oh i always have sist filled cum bubble's" me- "sounds painful ,and sexy in a way " ;D
by TheAwesomest. November 16, 2011