Michael Savage's nickname for radio host Rush Limbaugh for the reason that Rush spends more time golfing than coming up with creative, original, and non water carrying commentary.
...And you heard it first on the Savage Nation, don't expect to hear it from the golfer gas bag, we all know he doesn't have an original thought in his head.
by Reuben D. February 16, 2008
A girl/woman who squeezes their arms together which causes their boobs push against each other and cause more cleavage to show. This results in them look like they're golfing.
"At the pool party grace was totally being a golfer."
by kdlookinass July 3, 2017
"Any hole is a goal" A golfer is a male who will have sex with any living thing, often caught fornicating with the most grotesque and repulsive beings alive.
Me: She must have been over 400 pounds
Friend: Ah whatever id still fuck her
Me: Dude you're such a golfer
by aidsracer March 18, 2015
An individual who partakes in the sport of Golfing.
ThongSnapper sure is a pretty fucking horrible golfer. He couldn't play golf to save his own non-existent dick.
by thisisntmeatalliswear January 8, 2012
An individual with dark skin. A black person.

As heard on the Opie and Anthony show on XM channel 202.
Watch out for that golfer!!!
by TVL April 14, 2005
Slang for lesbian, comes from the fact that many WPGA golfers are lesbians
That butch chick is a total golfer.
by Leeny Powers August 16, 2005