The art of using your penis as a golf club and swinging it at your friends head otherwise known as the golfball.
Carl Stephen Grider Jr and Rickie Lynn Price just went golfing. I bet Rickie's head is sore.
by carlgrider October 16, 2011
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a very rich white persons sport who has millions of dollars and a big ass house.
by best golfer May 14, 2010
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going to a golf course (at a retirement home) durring lunch or after school and smokin bud
per 1. dude you wanna go golfing?
per 2. hell yeah dude, that aint even a question.
by everydayhoorider November 10, 2009
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Pretending like you’re at work when you’re in fact taking a 12 inch black dick up the ass
Person 1: Why are you golfing
Person 2: I’m at work nigga
Person 2: I wanna try golfing some day though
by AaronLikesItUpTheAss October 03, 2018
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Using dentistry tools to widen a females vagina to just the right size so that you may rest your balls in it.
"Hey Tom are you still a virgin?"
"I dont know... Does golfing count?"
by GmanM618 February 09, 2017
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to quote Oscar Wilde:
"The best way to ruin a good walk"
There is an American (of course) pro golfer who is ACTUALLY named Davis Love III
by Bigmeuprudeboy September 09, 2003
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A fucked up game, designed by assholes to make schmucks get mad as hell and break their clubs and curse loudly. The only redeeming quality of the game of golf is that it provides a good excuse to ride around in a golf cart in beautiful places, wear funny shoes, smoke cigars, and consume large quantities of alcohol.
I played golf last week; I lost 25 balls, broke 6 clubs, and got kicked off the course, but not before I enjoyed a nice Honduran cigar and drank 17 Yuenglings.
Golf it the most incredible sport today.
by august22 December 11, 2016
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