The art of using your penis as a golf club and swinging it at your friends head otherwise known as the golfball.
Carl Stephen Grider Jr and Rickie Lynn Price just went golfing. I bet Rickie's head is sore.
by carlgrider October 16, 2011
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a very rich white persons sport who has millions of dollars and a big ass house.
by best golfer May 15, 2010
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To suck the dick of a superior for a promotion.
Hey Julie I'm going to go Golfing with the boss this afternoon. Want me to see if he need's a caddy?
by StabYoMom September 27, 2020
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An excuse used by heavily closeted gay men to avoid telling their friends they're actually doing a bunch of hella gay shit.
I told my friend im golfing so he won't know I'm really knee-deep in man butts.
by Whitedaddyjesus July 26, 2020
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going to a golf course (at a retirement home) durring lunch or after school and smokin bud
per 1. dude you wanna go golfing?
per 2. hell yeah dude, that aint even a question.
by everydayhoorider November 11, 2009
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Pretending like you’re at work when you’re in fact taking a 12 inch black dick up the ass
Person 1: Why are you golfing
Person 2: I’m at work nigga
Person 2: I wanna try golfing some day though
by AaronLikesItUpTheAss October 3, 2018
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Using dentistry tools to widen a females vagina to just the right size so that you may rest your balls in it.
"Hey Tom are you still a virgin?"
"I dont know... Does golfing count?"
by GmanM618 February 9, 2017
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