4 definitions by Thomas Crawford

a combination of lating word for smell funk and distgusting nasty. Used most often in the cases of a person or object that one would not want to be near or around.
David just slid through a tough of cow manure, he is beyond funknasty.
by Thomas Crawford November 19, 2004
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1. Catch phrase used by the people of Penny-Arcade.com

2. A question someone ask a guy if they wish to question is manliness.

3. A question someone asks a girl to see if she is taken by someone else.
1. Male1: Got wang?
Male2: Yes I do, let us ninja fight to the death now.

2. Female: Got wang?
Male: What are you talking about?
Female: Nothing, you obviously are not deserving of my time and efforts, wangless.

3. Male: Got wang?
Female: Not yet, take me you hunk of wang meat!
by Thomas Crawford April 5, 2006
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1. exclamation
2. a combination of moses and jesus
MOSANESUS! That truck almost hit Rover!
by Thomas Crawford November 19, 2004
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1. Someone or something, that is in and of itself, entirely or extremly gay. This my be shown by the way the subject walks, breathes, dances, parts his hair, colors his hair, limps his wrist, has sex with men, etc.

2. A guy who attempts to look gay for the sake of actracting women he could not otherwise attract. (also see metrosexual)
1. Person One: Dude, look, it's the gay!
Person Two: ZOMG! Too much gayness! RUN!
The Gay: HAAAAAAAAAYYY! (limp wristed wave)
by Thomas Crawford April 5, 2006
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