1)a physical or psychological disorder or disease
2)a condition or situation that is problematic and requires a remedy
The malady struck the whole town and they were driven to seek a cure from the doctor across the river.
by samcobra February 26, 2007
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Overindulging in too many delicous marshmallows at one time, causing bloating, sickness and stomach pain.
'Oh dude, i had marshmallow malady all night from sitting around that camp fire but it was so much fun.'
by ScottyDog1989 August 6, 2009
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Spiritual Malady is when someone finds themselves in such a state of sadness or depression, that it effects how they present themselves socially or even in their occupation/job.
"man, kurt seem's really different"
"That's because he's in a fragile state of spiritual malady"
by Spiritual malady September 14, 2012
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When the smoke from excess cigarette consumption gets trap in the recess between the brain and skull, causing confusion, mediocrity, and pain.
"The Count's not making much sense these days."

"Rink brain?"

"Naw, he doesn't play hockey. He does smoke a lot of cigarettes, though."

"Ah, sounds like a case of the Marlboro Malady to me."
by landwehr34 May 3, 2023
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A male heart disease caused by the constant nagging of women over a period of time. (cdicm for short). Short term ailments are dubbed the nagging effect
Men die earlier than women because of cdicm (chronic distaff-induced cardiovascular malady).
Dude don't marry her, youll get cdicm (chronic distaff-induced cardiovascular malady).
by EZorLeche November 1, 2009
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