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Damen is a name given to one of the sweetest, most amazing people on the planet. If you're lucky enough to meet them, they might be shy and untalkitive, but when you get to know them more, under their shell they are an amazing person. Damens are some of the best people out there, they don't need to be strong, brave, or anything like that. They will love their friends and partners with all their heart, and when they promise to make you happy, no matter what they do, they always seem to fill that promise. Damen's are sweet, talented, amazing friends, trusting people, and no matter what or how their brought up, they try their very best to be the greatest person ever. and it works. If you're lucky enough to meet a Damen, don't fuck things up, and you might see how amazing they are.

Also, Damen is not a typo for Damien or Damon, dumbasses.
Person A: Do you know that Damen kid?
Person B: Yeah, Damen's great! You should really get to know him. He's an amazing friend.
by Hold my hand June 09, 2018
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A moment of AWESOMENESS; sometimes confused with Damon or Damien, both of which are way lamer.
That was way damen!
by Mikul February 02, 2010
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A guy who is sexy and will go places.He is a good athlete and super sexy
Girl:Wow did u see Damen dangle that guy

Girl2:yeah he is like so hot
by Shaken bacon13 December 19, 2017
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A man who is a sexy beast with a large penis. Gets all the ladies but only but only needs the one he loves the most. He will do anything for his lady. Also has a power inside of him, but know one knows, not even him.
by Umbrion January 05, 2017
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A guy that leaves you on read 24/7. Flirts with every girl he sees. Doesn’t look or talk to you in person.
Wow Damen is such a douche!
by Jannie Marlatt December 20, 2017
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Someone who has a really small penis; often tries to compensate by stuffing his pants.
Did you see his pants? He's totally a Damen!
by Archevious February 09, 2012
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