a word to describe tide pods, because people be eating them now.
who tryna do the tide pod challenge?
naw dude that's the forbidden fruit
by macy has too much clout January 22, 2018
1. sex

2. Hot chick who never seems to go out with anyone.

3. A female that you know you can't become involved with past the point of friendship. This may be due to having a boyfriend/not being interested in you/or too busy to be involved with anyone. She's like the real forbidden fruit. You can't have a taste of her.
Jane is Tim's forbidden fruit
by BklynKnight April 22, 2005
You know that really hot chick who won't seem to date anyone? She's forbidden fruit.
You know that chick who's quite prude? Her snatch is the forbidden fruit.
Damn, Lauren's so hot, but she's forbidden fruit.
by Matt August 9, 2004
Someone who is attractive but is illegal or taboo to jave sex with, for example a family member, a married person, an underage person etc.
She's forbidden fruit coz she's married
by tory borty February 16, 2013
something that is attractive because it is denied to one (From the Garden of Eden in the bible.)
That website is my forbidden fruit.
by Light Joker May 31, 2005
The Forbidden Fruit or Tide Pod is a delicious snack usable by all people.
Edgy Kid: Wanna eat Forbidden Fruit in class later Jimmy.
Teacher: Don’t those contain bleach and detergent?
Jimmy: ——————
by Roland Bates January 16, 2018
A man who despite incredible sexual ability rarely engages in sexual activity to increase his desirability amongst women.
Sarah: I really want to sleep with Will I've heard he's amazing in bed
Emma: But he hardly ever has sex with anyone!

Sarah: I know, he's a real forbidden fruit
by Plop1996 January 7, 2013