Sea plankton stand who's controlling a death Pedo girl's body from the manga series Jojo's bizarre adventure: VI stone ocean
Weeb 1: who's your stand and stand-user in jojo?

Weeb 2: Foo fighter and Foo fighter
by SONO CHI NO SADAMEE February 9, 2021
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1.An amazing rock band fronted by Dave Grohl who are best known for their most commercialised songs "The pretender" and "everlong".

2. Someone who fights foo
1. Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters is a kick ass guitar player

2. Uh oh here comes the foos. Fear not! The Foo Fighters are in the case!
by Delta+ May 14, 2022
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An important character in jojo’s bizarre adventure part 6 (stone ocean). She may be a plankton but everyone loves her, theres no way you cant.
Have u read stone ocean yet? Foo fighters is my favourite!
by oojorg June 9, 2021
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An alternative rock/ hard rock band that uses hard rock, punk (a very few times hardcore punk)and some power pop elements. It originated as a solo project by Nirvana's drummer Dave Grohl.

Some sites consider them as being a "post-grunge" band, that is basically a term so inexactly as the "alternative rock "term, basically foo fighters just use less distortion and a less raw sound in most of their songs than the original grunge bands, but it still feells like the songs are about something important and meaningful.
Person A: I love Foo Fighters so much, they are the best band in the history of music¡they fucking rock!
Person B: They are just a bunch of overproduced radiofriendly pop-rock music crap.
Person C: Well they have some power pop influences and that's not bad at all cause a lot of classic rock bands have experimented with this sounds and some pioneers of rock also did in their time, and nobody is complaining about it like a little bitch.They are not the best band in the world but they had some energetic motivationally inspiring songs and some hard raw songs as well, so they are a very enjoyable band to listen if you give them the opportunity.
by Shokan2000 January 2, 2017
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