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1) World's second largest single economy (disregarding Eurozone).
2) World class producers of automobiles.
3) World class producers of small electronic gizmos with no readily identifiable use.
4) World class producers of animated tentacle-rape porn, disturbingly....
5) One of the few countries to feature vending machines with schoolgirl knickers in.
6) Has really perfected the *art* of toilet making. Music and automatic scent release, from a toilet shaped like a mouth? Fantastic!
7) Has the world's second largest defence budget, in real terms.
8) Doesn't seem to do much with that money. One can only assume that a giant robot godzilla is around the corner.
9) Limited land area. One can only ski for a short distance before smacking into the side of a cooperative bank.
Japan. An odd place to visit.
by victorhadin December 07, 2003

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1) A Western European nation. Located slightly beneath Britain, in most or all senses.
2) Produces nice wine.
3) Produces nice cheese.
4) Produces shedloads of nuclear weapons, which are happily tested on small Pacific atolls home to endangered species of fish and pygmies.
5) The number one source of irritation for the rest of Europe. This manages to go unnoticed by many Americans, who assume the continent is a single amorphous blob.
6) Also the number one source of contention for the United States, having replaced the Soviet Union.
7) Has an annoying accent.
8) Dislikes British beef. This, as theory and experiment have shown, is due to France's argumentative and overly vegetarian wussiness and has nothing whatsoever to do with life-threatening brain disease.
9) Dislikes Germany, for invading it repeatedly and being German.
10) Dislikes Britain for constant warfare, political disagreement and out of habit.
11) Dislikes the United States for its competition in the 'irritating accents' league table and also for having more nuclear weapons and cheese than France.
12) Dislikes.... well, most things, actually.
13) Is a thoroughly splendid country.
14) Is filled with thoroughly un-splendid French people.
"Oh hell. France has blocked the channel tunnel again."
by victorhadin March 25, 2003

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1) More useful to society than an insurance salesman.
2) More useful to the arms industry than a big bucket of grenades.
3) More likely to use statistics than 345% of the population.
4) Enjoys overcomplicating things.
The aerospace engineer is the guy in the plane who is whimpering quietly and looking worried.
by victorhadin March 25, 2003

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The EMP, or Electromagnetic pulse, is a rapid magnetic fluctuation which induces pulses of current in unshielded electronics. Natural sources of EMP include lightning, whereas artificial ones include a nuclear blast.

A nuclear blast generates an EMP via gamma radiation interacting with air molecules to create Compton electrons. These create a brief current and an associated electromagnetic pulse. This is especially hazardous with an exo-atmospheric nuclear blast outside the atmosphere, as the region affected by Compton electrons in such a manner becomes enormous and the electrons will rotate around the Earth's natural magnetic field lines, creating a vast pulse.

EMPs and NEMPs are extremely hazardous to unshielded electronics, causing rapid fluctuations in current, especially in long wires or antennae.
Yes, this might be something of an intellectual masturbation, but it's more fun than actually working. Hey-ho.
by victorhadin December 07, 2003

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-Also shorthand for 'Influenza'.
Damn. I've got the flu again.
by victorhadin December 07, 2003

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An alphabetical system, highly phonetic in nature, used in many Eastern European and traditionally orthodox nations.

-Confused the living crap out of me when I visited Bulgaria.
Bulgarian use the cyrillic alphabet.
by victorhadin December 07, 2003

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The ability of an aircraft or aerial vehicle to maintain accurate pitch control in the post-stall regime of high-alpha flight.
Evident in:

-Eurofighter Typhoon.
-Most Hollywood fighters. Hollywood clearly knows things the aerospace industry doesn't.

Ha. Let's see how many people bother looking *this* up. ;)
by victorhadin December 07, 2003

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