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Colonial slang of 'colour'.
"Behold, for I cannot spell color correctly!"
by victorhadin March 25, 2003
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A lens which focuses light rays from a source into parallel paths, thus focusing the image relayed at infinity. Highly useful in Head-Up-Display systems, for obvious reasons.
This will be the 2nd in my series of largely useless technical jargon, which will continue as it is more fun writing this than writing a report on the performance and aerodynamics of an MAV.

-For more amusing and less contrived definitions, look up my ones for France or Europe. They're OK.
by victorhadin December 7, 2003
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1) A Western European nation. Located slightly beneath Britain, in most or all senses.
2) Produces nice wine.
3) Produces nice cheese.
4) Produces shedloads of nuclear weapons, which are happily tested on small Pacific atolls home to endangered species of fish and pygmies.
5) The number one source of irritation for the rest of Europe. This manages to go unnoticed by many Americans, who assume the continent is a single amorphous blob.
6) Also the number one source of contention for the United States, having replaced the Soviet Union.
7) Has an annoying accent.
8) Dislikes British beef. This, as theory and experiment have shown, is due to France's argumentative and overly vegetarian wussiness and has nothing whatsoever to do with life-threatening brain disease.
9) Dislikes Germany, for invading it repeatedly and being German.
10) Dislikes Britain for constant warfare, political disagreement and out of habit.
11) Dislikes the United States for its competition in the 'irritating accents' league table and also for having more nuclear weapons and cheese than France.
12) Dislikes.... well, most things, actually.
13) Is a thoroughly splendid country.
14) Is filled with thoroughly un-splendid French people.
"Oh hell. France has blocked the channel tunnel again."
by victorhadin March 25, 2003
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1) One who masturbates to excess.
2) One who uses the word 'skillz' and takes it seriously.
"Stop saying skillz, you bloody wanker! Speak properly!"
by victorhadin March 25, 2003
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-Doesn't actually exist. There is no such faction or mindset as an 'evolutionist', which has so far not prevented the more literal-minded creationists from leaping on the title.
Evolutionist. -A fine example of poor English topped off with a platform to stand on.
by victorhadin December 8, 2003
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The ability of an aircraft or aerial vehicle to maintain accurate pitch control in the post-stall regime of high-alpha flight.
Evident in:

-Eurofighter Typhoon.
-Most Hollywood fighters. Hollywood clearly knows things the aerospace industry doesn't.

Ha. Let's see how many people bother looking *this* up. ;)
by victorhadin December 7, 2003
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The horseshoe vortex system is a simple vortex model for an aircraft or lifting body which fits a box-shaped vortex system out from the wing. This is made up of the wing vortex, trailing vortices (see trailing vortex) and starting vortex. The latter is a vortex formed due to changes in the vorticity of the wing vortex, i.e due to changes in airspeed.
I can't honestly think of a good example for you. Sorry
by victorhadin December 8, 2003
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