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Expression of amazement at the site of a really hot girl.
Getz: You check that girl out.
The Core: Achi Machi!
by Getz December 23, 2003
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Any gathering that is made up of an unusually large percentage of guys.

see also penis party, sausage festival, sausage party, fraternity
We ditched Sweenys cause it was a Sausage Fest inside.
by Getz December 23, 2003
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Sh*T loads, a lot of, tons
Rocco the Janitor: WILD 96.5 Plays Ishloads of your music.
by Getz December 23, 2003
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1) A Peppermint liquer
2) A Fave drink of the Emo crowd.
You Doug, buy us more shots of Rumplemintz.
by Getz December 23, 2003
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Random drunk text message achieved when a phone, equiped with predictive typing, has the number 3 key pushed 4 times in succession.
Press: 3-3-3-3 = FEED
by Getz July 19, 2004
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Derived from a botched spelling of calander, clender arose to be able to keep track of the number of women one picks up and the deeds performed with said woman.

The scoring is as follows: 1 point for a hookup, 2 points for oral, 3 pts for sex. If one sleeps with a woman, he only gets points for that, thus earning a 3.
Core and I picked up those two girls at Rock Lobster, brought em back to my place and did the deed thus earning 3 clender points each.
by Getz August 24, 2004
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Nonsensical chant derived from an episode of the simpsons. Great to use at TGI Fridays on monday night football.
Getz: "Dental Plan"
Everyone: "Lisa Needs Braces!"
by Getz December 23, 2003
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