A line of hair a little above the eyes
Colton:"Brett has no eyebrows😂😂"
Ms B:"Colton stay after class so we can talk about his eyebrows then"
by no eyebrows January 04, 2016
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a homosexual male who spends an excessive amount of time primping his eyebrows to an extent of that beyond a female, this term can also be used as another way of simply calling a man "gay".
Dude look at that guy coming, if he's not eyebrows I dont know who is.
by TheMack69 August 06, 2010
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Orgasm-inducing character from The Getaway. Also reffered to as 'The Brow'.
"Eyebrows! You look like yer 'aving a laugh 'ere, mate!"
by Miss Natla March 10, 2004
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A freak of nature who lacks the necessary facial contrast that would otherwise reflect his/her current state of emotion.
Check that no eyebrows mofo! Can't tell whether his happy or wants to stab me... Fuck that freak!
by Eddie Bryan September 15, 2016
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the act of raising and lowering your eyebrows repeatedly.
Boy #1: Hey, you see that girl?
Boy #2: Yeah, I'd totally eyebrow her.
Boy #1: Oh? I'm eyebrowing her right now.
by Mrs. Sterious March 02, 2010
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term used to strengthen the truth in a promise or story.
if u break the promise or are found as a fraud ur eyebrows are shaved off as punishment
i'm not drinking for the rest of the week - eyebrows

mate i swear i pulled that essence bird over there last week - eyebrows
by toyah August 05, 2007
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