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Things above your eyes!
Tend to be bushy at times
by Allan February 16, 2005
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term used to strengthen the truth in a promise or story.
if u break the promise or are found as a fraud ur eyebrows are shaved off as punishment
i'm not drinking for the rest of the week - eyebrows

mate i swear i pulled that essence bird over there last week - eyebrows
by toyah August 05, 2007
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Specifically having to do with the seemingly caterpillaresque collections of facial hair that reside atop one's whites which contain an iris which contain a pupil, which all is inside a socket, which is most commonly part of a face, which also contains some sort of food inhaling mechanism and/or nasal instrument used for sniffing people you want to get to know better, and expelling mucus and other matter. Without eyebrows life would be meaningless and there really wouldn't be reason to continue living once you knew and lost the presence of them in your existence.
Tina: Wow your eyebrows are foxy
Eyebrowless Individual: What's that supposed to mean?
by TheElephantSquasher74 March 06, 2013
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The line of hair above each eye at the bottom of the forehead. They come in all shapes, sizes & styles. It serves the purpose of blocking sunlight from the eyes (notice how the eyes are farther back in the skull). People with darker colored eyebrows usually have better vision on a bright day, seeing as how dark colors (especially black) hold light, while blond might spread light. In my humble opinion, one of the sexiest places to get a piercing. When the two are connected by more hair, it is called a unibrow.
I can see better on a bright day than a blond because my eyebrows are black. And the chicks think my piercing is hot.
by James87 October 11, 2007
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A line of hair a little above the eyes
Colton:"Brett has no eyebrows๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚"
Ms B:"Colton stay after class so we can talk about his eyebrows then"
by no eyebrows January 04, 2016
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1. A nickname for Charlie Simpson, who used to be in popular-beyond-all-reason boyband-with-guitars from Busted, and is now keeping himself occupied with Fightstar. So named because, well, you guessed it, he has weird , huge eyebrows. They look like Salvador Dali took a huge paintbrush to his forehead and painted two huge black smears at odds with his hair colour for a cheap laugh.

2. Those little thingies that prevent sweat and the rain from getting into your eyes and irratating you horribly.
1. "You know that bloke who used to be in Busted? Charlie?"
"Who, Eyebrows?
"Yeah, him, he's gone all hard and metal in a desperate attempt to win back his credibility, like."
"That'll work. He might as well try striking oil on the bog, that'll be a bit more likely."


"You ever heard of Brigade? Much better than Fightstar."
"Is that Eyebrow's brother's band?"

2. "Wow! What an amazing set of eyebrows!"
by Alex Ver 1.0 June 06, 2006
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Nickname for John Howard (Prime Minister of Australia) which is derived from his massive, bushy eyebrows which dominate his face.
Eyebrows is at it again.
by ephebiphobia November 22, 2006
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