a slang word used in the office to brand a person as a slave of another.
I got 'Monkey Boy' to tidy up that kitchen this morning...
by Simon February 21, 2003
A young, loud, boisterous, male prone to excessive alcohol consumption, aggression and immature, obnoxious behaviour. Monkey boys are generally of middle to upper class origin and have a preference for either preppy or jock attire and hairstyles.
Female college students with any level of sophistication avoid fraternity parties because most frat parties are filled with monkey boys.
by von Ratt May 7, 2008
A cheeky, fun-loving, frivolous, cantankerous, light-hearted person who might not take themselves (or others) seriously for some of of the time.
Don't take him too seriously - He can be a bit of a Monkey Boy ...
by Will_87 February 2, 2017
Small man who does your bidding. Provides endless literal and figurative amusement. He entertains his superiors by placing a small hat on his head and clapping his hands while dancing around. Man is usually named Armando, or Mandy for short.
Monkey Boy- do your dance....then go get me a sandwich.
by Lynda Sue March 24, 2006
someone to be chumped, used for your own pleasure and then left wimpering and alone...crying in the night.
by ZENOLEGG August 24, 2005
A strange yet playful boy who lurks the halls with his tranny friend.
boy: "omg! that boy is so outrageous."
Friend: "yeah, he's the Monkey Boy"
by 0kB00M3R420 January 14, 2020