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n. an organism that can live in extremely salty enviornments
n. a person who can not stop playing Halo
"I ate this pretzel with so much salt and it didn't make me feel weird!"
"Dude, you're like a halophile!"

"I played Halo for the duration of summer vacation with no breaks!"
"Dude, you're a Halophile"
by the pwn3r December 20, 2005
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Like a paparazzi, but only takes photos at appropriate times instead of sneaking up and taking pics when people least expect it.
Dan: This one guy went right up to Jessica Simpson and asked kindly to take a few pics.

Dave: Man, what a properazzi.
by the pwn3r April 29, 2007
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combined of "what" "you" and "say" as in saying the phrase "what did you say?"
guy: yo check it out i got an A+ on my paper!
dude: whachusay?
guy: I aced teh paper!
dude: schweet!
by the pwn3r October 14, 2006
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One of the greatest comic groups of all time. Movies of theirs include Horsefeathers and Animal Crackers. The four "brothers" are:

Groucho Marx - Very thick moustache and usually the lead in their movies.

Chico Marx - Noticable by his gangster-like accent. (not to be confused with "gangsta")

Harpo Marx - Never speaks in he movies (making him funnier).

Zeppo Marx - Usually the least funny and most serious Marx brother. Any jokes of his are very subtle or not as obvious as the jokes from the other 3.
Chick: Hey wanna go see a corny romance movie w/ me?

Dude: Sorry, but I'm stayin home tonight watchin' the Marx Brothers DVD's.

Chick: Who are they?

Dude: *pimp smacks her face*
by the pwn3r June 29, 2006
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A very foul-smelling animal that has shit that shits its own shit! Not found on Earth.
Man! That shisno is so fucking SMELLY!
by the pwn3r December 20, 2005
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