Australian colloquialism meaning "mate" or "friend", but not necessarily in the literal term. Can be used to address a stranger in leiu of "Hey, you there!" or "Hey, kid!" in a more friendly manner. As the word's been used since the earliest Colonial settlements of Australia, many Aussies mistakenly believe the word is archaic and no-longer used. In actuality, it's simply slightly less understood then more generic forms of greeting (such as "mate").
"G'day, cobber."
"G'day, mate. How're ye doin'?"
"Aw, been flat out like a lizard drinkin'. Hear the Sydney Swans hammered Collingwood on Saturday?"
by Alhadis March 30, 2005
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another word for mate, commonly used amongst other people.
G'day Cobber, hows life treating ya?
by Boonga T March 22, 2003
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an archaic Australian colloquial term used to mean 'friend'
(similar to 'mate')
"...when my cobber had to go spend a penny."
by RockYfella December 5, 2003
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n. Former Australian greeting/address which no self-respecting Aussie has used for at least 40 years!
"You can pick a Yank tourist in Oz 'coz they'll say 'cobber' when they come up to you."
by Mystikan December 30, 2004
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go cobbs, a place where you listen to mono ton pam cheer you on
give me a c....c
give me a o....o
give me a b....b
give me another b.....b
give me a e.....e
give me an r...r
give me an s...s
what does that spell? cobbers
i cant hear you...cobbers
one more time....cobbers
by amber malcolm October 23, 2007
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The sound your balls make when they slap against your thighs. The sound is more prominent when mixed with arse sweat.
Listen to my Flob Cobber
by Ron J September 30, 2003
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