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Australian colloquialism meaning "mate" or "friend", but not necessarily in the literal term. Can be used to address a stranger in leiu of "Hey, you there!" or "Hey, kid!" in a more friendly manner. As the word's been used since the earliest Colonial settlements of Australia, many Aussies mistakenly believe the word is archaic and no-longer used. In actuality, it's simply slightly less understood then more generic forms of greeting (such as "mate").
"G'day, cobber."
"G'day, mate. How're ye doin'?"
"Aw, been flat out like a lizard drinkin'. Hear the Sydney Swans hammered Collingwood on Saturday?"
by Alhadis March 29, 2005
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Cobber: the UK/Australian Bud-destroyer. The Irish-Americanism Bud is occasionally used as a slight or put-down to terminate a conversation, by enunciating it with a sharp emphasis, thereby imputing an impersonal distancing, paradoxically coupled with a sneering overfamiliarity. In the former English colonies, a riposte to this shorthand New World affront has been found in the resurrection of an obsolete colonial appellation of fraternal affection: Cobber, or just plain Cob. It is effective as a Bud-destroyer because it's usage is so unexpected, completely shattering the false familiarity of Bud, at the same time providing social proof that you are indeed big enough to meet casual man-to-man disparagement head-on, and deflect it straight back like water off a duck's back.
Sneering vendor: Thanks, Bud.
You: You're welcome, Cobber.
by Zoschenko May 08, 2018
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an archaic Australian colloquial term used to mean 'friend'
(similar to 'mate')
"...when my cobber had to go spend a penny."
by RockYfella December 05, 2003
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n. Former Australian greeting/address which no self-respecting Aussie has used for at least 40 years!
"You can pick a Yank tourist in Oz 'coz they'll say 'cobber' when they come up to you."
by Mystikan December 30, 2003
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go cobbs, a place where you listen to mono ton pam cheer you on
give me a c....c
give me a o....o
give me a b....b
give me another b.....b
give me a e.....e
give me an r...r
give me an s...s
what does that spell? cobbers
i cant hear you...cobbers
one more time....cobbers
by amber malcolm October 22, 2007
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