A vesectami

<<Getting the clip>>
John: <<You fucked your wife without a rubber!>>

Paul: <<Yeah, fuck it, i got the clip man>>

John: <<Oh shit, i gotta get that shit done too>>

Paul: <<The only bad thing is now i got the clap>>
by Snip Master Clips March 9, 2009
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A gaming mode which allows the user to pass through normally solid objects.(Often used by admins who have nothing better to do then upgrade their skill)
"amx_noclip admins.name 1"
*attacks through floor.*
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Common term used by soldiers for someone that is unorganised or in pain.
You alright mate ? Nah mate I'm in clip !
by Ducati22 April 18, 2016
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It’s clipped means that the situation being described is completely hopeless. it’s done, over, clipped.
“you still talking to Nick?”
nahhh, he cheated. it’s clipped
by nocloutgains January 6, 2018
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another way of saying its over
Bruh, did you hear what happened to Mike, its clipped for him
by Denbklyn March 15, 2018
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If he doesn't pay, clip him.
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
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To be caught
Person 1: “Why is (name) in the office?”
Person 2: “I heard he got clipped smoking weed and the principal suspended him for a week”
by alooboyy October 26, 2018
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