another way of saying its over
Bruh, did you hear what happened to Mike, its clipped for him
by Denbklyn March 15, 2018
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To be caught
Person 1: “Why is (name) in the office?”
Person 2: “I heard he got clipped smoking weed and the principal suspended him for a week”
by alooboyy October 26, 2018
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Just barely hitting, scratching, or skimming across something. Usually related to a vehicle accident.
I just clipped that truck!

The helicopter clipped the side of the building.
by Dalekman March 29, 2010
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Jerry punched Jason straight in the face, prompting the crowd to scream, 'Clipped.'
by eedewntneew September 8, 2017
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When your on a sesh and someone has took too much gear or smoked too much and they are high af meaning they are clipped
by Seshman February 4, 2020
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Removing a friend on Facebook and from communication in the real world.
"That bitch is pissin' me off! She's 'bout to get clipped!
by thenupianomann December 23, 2011
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The act of being under the influence of any drug or narcotic.
Guy1: what's up dog?
Guy2:vro im fucking clipped right now.
by Bigbackboijohn March 15, 2017
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