A silent person who doesn't respond to greetings. Prone to violent outbursts.
Normal Person: Hey man, how's it goin? (Pause) Dude? (Pause) Ah, you Cho.

(Cho caps normal person.)
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd April 18, 2007
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Money, Ends, Scrill, Loot, Currency, Scratch. A term mostly used in Michigan, especially Detroit, MI. A derivative of the word cheddar. Chedda became cho.
Man I'm about my Cho!, I needs mo cho... I works hard 4 the Cho. How much cho u got?
by EliteOneT December 6, 2005
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Slang for "Nachos." Homemade form of the dish in which microwave tortilla chips with grated cheese and hot sauce on it.
"Man those were some flame ass 'Chos.
by the 'chos man December 30, 2011
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An extremely attractive lady that stands out from the crowd
"There is chos everywhere"
"Where the chos at"
by kevvaaa November 24, 2013
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A tall, silent and dead serious asian who when at random timing crack lame jokes and expecting roaring laughter but only gets the cricket sound.
Dan: You heard Cho's new joke?

Sam: I dont wanna hear about it..
by Scene Dude November 26, 2011
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A Jamaican word used as an exclamation of disgust, and even affermation, depending on the way it's said. Used along the lines of "Damn!" or "Sh**!" and even "Raatid!"
So why she behaving like that? Cho! (disgust)

Cho, she look nice eeeeeh. (affermation)
by Ozman March 8, 2005
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