A penis that is bigger round (diameter, than it is long.
A girl in my health class has a huge choed.
by call_me_alice April 30, 2005
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Filipino gay expression for something not meant fully, somewhat akin to 'just kidding,' 'whatever,' 'i'm just exaggerating'
Your brother is the love of my life, I think I can die for him. Chos! --> from a girl describing a boy she just met
by Echoserang Froglette November 21, 2009
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Persian word for the word fart, more specifically, a SBD fart (silent but deadly).
"Oh my god who chossed?!?! It is the worst chos I have smelled in my life!"

Fart, Stink


Related words:
Gooz, Fart, Busting a grumpy
by cocolake May 5, 2011
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chos is another word for nachos. it is nachos without the "na" part.
Hey Harrison, can I gank some of your chos.
by Swedish Bob October 6, 2006
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In the movie: "Blood in,Blood out" there is a scene where prison inmate "Popeye" corners the lead character in a jail cell with a shank and says: "GIMME SOME CHO CHO YOU WHITE BITCH!"
by dirty drawers August 26, 2009
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(n) Emo, clingy individual.
(v) To guilt or force into an activity.
(adj) To act emo/sad.
"You're such a cho."
"You got cho'ed into being auctioned, loser!"
"Stop being so cho, she was taken!"
by chofriend February 26, 2007
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