The noise required to mask the sound of anal secretion and subsequent bowl splash in a public or private restroom when one or more persons are in attendance with the person discharging, to thereby avoid the awkward silence that is present and periodically disturbed by the excretions of the person in question.
Dude, that was really awkward. The guy in there was playing his ipod, utilizing its brown noise capabilities.

The whole time I was in there this dude kept coughing to cover up his dump. He was clearly brown noise(ing).
by @dEpP September 14, 2010
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Stop that shit talking. When someone is talking trash, you reply with “Kill that brown noise” to end the trash talking
by Dennis1Josh November 12, 2019
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Exaggerated chaos that ensues following a relatively small act or event. Refers to Episode 317 of South Park in which Cartman's mission to find the brown noise creates a domino effect that leads to devestation and destruction around the world
(Random person's thoughts as they happen) "oh shit I just tripped over, whoops and I knocked over that glass of water at the same time, oh my god and it's gone all over that lamp and OVER THE WIRES &!%£$%^AAAAARRGGHHH BROWN NOISE SITUATION!!"
by K Ellis January 09, 2009
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1. An unwanted, undesirable noise, similar to 'white noise' but commonly associated with people who TALK SHIT
2. A distracting noise which tends to cause confusion, disillusionment and temporary memory loss. Caused by simple, audacious imbeciles TALKING SHIT
Ben " did you remember that thing? "
Mike "shoot! I forgot it because my parents were spewing Brown Noise at me"
by Michael Aurelius February 10, 2021
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