A member of the rap group Harlem Diplomats.
Juelz (dip, dip)
Santana (set, set)
by Mark February 27, 2004
Juelz: This Is Powerful Music That I Bring To The Ta~ble, Da Sequel to A~ble the way i sling Cane Cuz
by DLong April 7, 2005
That boy that squeeze hammers.
Human Crack in the Flesh.

19 yr old kid killin the streets right now. Ye hes back like cooked crack.
Santana's that boy that squeeze hammers AY! CHYEA CHYEA!
by PSXy April 10, 2005
Founding Member of the Harlem Diplomats (Dipset Byrdgang).
Human Crack in the flesh.
Santana the Great.
Prince of New York.
Harlems Gangsta.
Ay yo, Juelz Santana is bananas. That new Dipset joint is off the hook.
by Jiggaman April 12, 2005
He is a member of the Diplomats, and he also has the strangest ass lookin head
" yo u like dat boi santana?"
" u mean dat nigga wit da fucked up head?"
by spycy carl February 6, 2005