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Badass satanic bass player from the band Gorillaz, he grabs the chicks and fights them ape-zombies. Usually very abusive against 2D.
2D: Murdoc, did you eat all the pickles again?
Murdoc: Shut up faceache
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by murdocisgod666 June 08, 2016
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Murdoc Niccals is the badass bass player for the kick-ass band Gorillaz. He is a Satanist, and will bring doom to you all. Kind of looks like The Beatles after a green day, and far too much alcohol. Has pointy teeth. Kickass.
Murdoc pwns you and your music.
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The kind of person who has no boundaries, is always getting into trouble, does insane things on a daily basis, and is overall not the person you want to be involved with. They've got a huge ego and think they're above the law, so they'll do everything from steal, lie, cheat, beat someone up, get into car crashes, light stuff on fire... maybe even murder a dude if they felt like it. Just a big-shot who you shouldn't trust your car-keys with, or anything for that matter. Named after the insane bass guitarist of the Gorillaz, Murdoc Niccals.
Person 1: Hey, guys! The bridge is out! Let's go drive our car off of it and see what happens!
Person 2: Uh, that seems like a really bad idea.
Person 1: Oh, come on, pussy! What are you afraid of? Just jump out if the car catches fire and you'll be fine!
Person 2: Yeah, I'd rather not die, thanks.
Person 3 (to person 2): Don't listen to Murdoc over here. He's nuts. Let's just go get breakfast.
by Sentret Sparkle September 24, 2018
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