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Taking time away from others to ponder your existence and meditate on peaceful thoughts.
Jeff: My job is just stressing me out so much. That's why I've been enjoying some private time lately.
by Jeff Jeffersonicus IV October 18, 2008
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When trying to master-bate without you mom walking in on you.
by J.A1705 November 17, 2019
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A private story where you let your audience know who you would like to have sex with
I Will Like To Fuck ****** In My Private Time Story
by Brian Handler February 24, 2020
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Sex. Usually with the bois but, sometimes with some girls.
Man 1: Aight bro are we getting up in this crib or what?
Man 2: Nah bro we can have some steamy private time in the bedroom.
Man 1 & 3: Maan, what the fuck??
by Renewings April 23, 2022
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