A gang residing around the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, California.
A group of anvenues wrote their cholo words all over the wall.
by william joseph hemmington December 23, 2004
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“From The Avenue”
by Mokage November 16, 2020
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An amazing local band from Ogden, Utah. Their style is "gypsy-punk".
Jake: Did you hear that amazing music?
Brittni: Yes, they must be Avenue!
by eraphotography September 22, 2008
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Way back before Facebook, Xanga, MySpace, Twitter and Tumblr, there was Asian Avenue. Asian Avenue is a social networking site that most Asian teenagers raised in America used to use. Back then everyone had cool pages.
You can make pages on Asian Avenue.
by FlyAway July 20, 2011
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Pubic hairline from the belly button to the penile shaft.
She slipped her hand down his pants and followed erection avenue.
by Gar Grim February 4, 2018
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Brickle Avenue is one of the most invigorating landmarks in the historic city of Wilmington, NC. It is frequented by college students from UNCW and avid party goers alike. Tradition is a keystone part of the legacy enveloping this wonderful neighborhood. Anyone that is familiar with this area knows it is notorious for: Blacking out, getting "4loko'ed", Jousting, ALE, Drunk Fights, Unprotected and sometimes protected sex, Crowds, BTTMaXXX (Boners to the MaXXX), Underage Drinking, Avid Pot Smoking-including daily hand-rolled Dutches, Monday night KOB's, HARD Liquor, Good-looking People, Beer Bongs, Shots, Keg Stands, Slip and Slides, Theme Parties, Ridiculous Behaviors, Flashing, Vomiting, Occasional Hard Drug Use, Any Drinking game under the sun, and most of all the SAUCIEST parties in the entire 910 area code. Residents of this particular area are known to be the "Baddest Mother Fuckers Around" and are to congratulate/blame for all the awesomeness and debauchery that occurs here. It is duly noted that 310 throws down hard, but 302 is the most legendary homestead of the premises. Once you have partaken in any of the events on this incredible avenue, Brickle will be a part of you and will stay with you for life. It will warm your veins with a feeling of superiority amongst your peers and sense of divine enlightenment.
-From everyone who has/ever will have lived, loved, fucked, or partied on the infamous Brickle Avenue.
Brickle Avenue is self Explanatory and needs no example nor introduction.
by Rob Nasty September 3, 2010
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Broadway puppet show currently (2005) in NYC with songs such as "If You Were Gay" "What Do You Do With a BA in English?" and "My Girlfriend who Lives in Canada"

Grown-up version of Sesame Street (with gay Bert and Ernie-like characters)
"John Tartaglia used to play Princeton in Ave Q but he decided to leave and put some blonde kid in his place."
by DJroxy March 29, 2005
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