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Lover of Snezhnayan Queen, and Snezhnaya's greatest love machine.
by FuCk- Idropped my CrOsSaNt March 21, 2021
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hottest fucking ginger ever, he’s so hot and his hand 😍😍😍😍😍
by November 21, 2021
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A hot mfing ginger thats the eleventh of the fatui harbringers from genshin impact

(whom i sadly lost 50/50 to mona but got him on the next 72 pulls :'>)
P1: That ginger from Genshin Impact is soooo hot!

P2: Yes, that's Childe, who also goes by Tartaglia.
by a genderfluid toaster November 14, 2021
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The kink of being turned on by the formation of battle, fights, combat, etc.
Most typically originating from the Genshin character Tartaglia/Childe who gets a instant hard on from starting combat with him, he is the definition of a combat/battle kink. "Let's see how far you can go. Just don't go dying on me before you lay it all on the line in our own final battle! I won't allow it!" Is just a example of Tartaglia's weird but valid, kink.
Person 1: "whats one of your kinks?"
Person 2: "well its called tartaglia, I get really turned on while in physical combat."
Person 1: "Oh! thats cool"
by Slvlnn May 22, 2022
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Very sexy wallet with orange hair and an annoying brother. He's also gay for Zhongli.
"Hey look is that Tartaglia making out with Zhongli?"
by Skyefie October 11, 2021
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He kinda fine but he's a ginger and gingers aren't hot
B: Hahaha couldn't be me

A: Go to hell bitch
by yourfavoritechink May 10, 2021
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Tar-tar taglia lover of snezhnayan queen
Childe is so fucking ugly
Y/n: uwu he’s so hot he has a giant shlong
Tartaglia omg I’m c-
by Raidensgf January 27, 2022
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