Sweet and kindhearted. Always has to get her way. Brittni is not only breathtakingly beautiful and thick in appearance but has such a beautiful soul and personality that’ll leave you breathless and speechless. She will go the extra mile for people she cares about and won’t ask for anything in return. Loyal to anyone she loves. Don’t get on her bad side because that’s the worst place to be. However small she mad be, the attitude of Brittni is nothing short of the devil. God knows when he made Brittni he made perfection. So anyone who tries to get on her bad side will feel his wrath. Brittni is loved by all but is most loved by...
by Brittni N Matthews June 05, 2018
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The closest to perfect; one who denies seeking help from anyone; very strong, trustworthy, and caring; strong and beautiful.
Wow! Do you see that girl? She's such a Brittni!
by Sellbell July 15, 2014
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A name given to a badass girl, who can handle her own. Uniquely spelt for a reason, she's one of a kind! She's never slacking! Close to a "boss" but a whole lot better! Put her into a relationship & she's got it down to a t. Kisses so divine & lips like wine! She a dime. Precious & rare! You'd be a fool to not want this badass!
by bee_emm1492 January 14, 2011
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A woman who collects urine!
Brittni lives for collecting pee!
by Quashay August 17, 2018
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Term given to attractive young women who have very large tempers. These women usually are nymphos and have good intentions. They can become jealous at times and are over-protective of their feminine yet heterosexual boy-toys. They also like to make sandwiches with their boy-toys. They are fun and have a good sense of humor. Sometimes they have a hard time making up their minds, which may annoy you, yet you always find yourself running back to them. Brittni's are rare and precious.
"What's the deal with Frank's bitch?"
"I don't know man. She looks like she may be a brittni."
by Kornelius Johnson November 12, 2007
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the best person in the world, who is also the hottest person in the world. a great girlfriend, you will only find a couple of great brittnys in the world. Shes very gorgeous, she has sexy long legs.
I want a Brittny.
by mommas baby June 02, 2009
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Very quiet, shy girl. Tends to keep to herself, and is normally ahead of the latest fashions. Independent, and trustworthy. Somebody you can depend on.
Fred: Britny, I love you're clothes.

Brittny: The band is currently underground.
by ZomBiesWillWin December 28, 2009
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