A liberal arts university with approximately 15,000 undergraduate students in Wilmington, NC 10 minutes from the beach. It offers great people, great academics, a beautiful campus, a good party scene, solid athletic events, and plenty of attractive females.

Popular activities include but are not limited to: going to the beach, surfing, bars/breweries, boating/jet skiing, concerts, basketball games, poker nights, keggers, sex, and drugs.
Summer never ends at UNCW.
by Donny H. February 18, 2022
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Beach town with small frats, stoners, and surfers. South College will be the worst road you ever drive on. It could be 2am and there would still be traffic. Fun school though.
Steve: I just want to smoke on the beach
Aaron: You should go to UNCW
by mastermindisthebesttaylorsong November 3, 2022
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