1. most liberal city in the predominantly mormon state of Utah.
2. Home of Jake's over the top, 25th street taco stands, ogden high tigers, Farr's ice cream, the eccles family, Weber state university, mojo's cafe and some liberals
3. mistaken for 'armpit' of utah. see Cedar City
Man, I gotta get out of Happy Valley and back up to Ogden!!!
by emar6482 September 2, 2008
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A man who tragically had his nuts gone flake
Did you hear about Ogden

Yea man he had a painful experience
by NiggieSmalls September 8, 2020
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A small town West of Boone Iowa that is the pimple on the ass of society. Most girls are sluts and have babies by the time they graduate. They have nothing to do so the drive to boone and try racing random people in there "tricked" out p.o.s. cars. and they dont have curbs.
Hey, do you want to go to ogden?
No?!? Why would we want to go to the pimple on the ass of society, besides all of ogden just comes to boone..
by danny rubino April 22, 2011
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is usuallly the last name for a huge as a hippo male who is a pedo
that guy there is a ogden
by berrypickingpoo March 7, 2012
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Unique guy with big pennies, so handsome and attractive to everybody usually really trustworthy, usually related to party, sexy, great friend and company the best boyfriend
No need for an example ogdens they are the shit
by Partycub December 20, 2016
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the act of vandalising a toilet/bathroom by defecating excessively in the toilet, on the floor, on the walls, etc
"Ergh, her bathroom got completely ogdened"
"Do you want to go ogden a public toilet?"
by scatman_2007 June 2, 2007
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to be excessively stingy and wait until the cheap theater to avoid paying the normal fee to see a new released movie
Billy wanted to ogden Transformers 2 since it was not worth the $10
by DaleHudak June 21, 2010
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