A small community close to downtown Dallas, which has a suburban feel and is known for being the old money part of dallas. Many girls from here grow up to become debutantes for la fiesta and dallas symphony orchestra league. The boys grow up to be in the honor guard and attend business school at SMU, Texas, and various prestigious colleges. Many of the people here are stereotyped as spoiled rich brats, but not everyone deserves this label, although there are people who most definitely do. Highland Park high school is a public school but may as well be private considering the rate of ivy league admittance and the number of kids who belong to exclusive country clubs such as brookhollow country club or dcc. Not everyone at the high school is rich but almost no one is below middle class, and you will be looked down on if you don't live in a million+ home. The people in HP are generally very good looking and the women and their daughters spend lot of time on themselves to keep it that way. There are many trophy wives with charge accounts at Neiman Marcus but many people are just educated people who have had success in life. Most people here are WASPs and conservatives, and HP probably funded a large portion of George W Bush's presidential campaign.
"omg, caroline did you see that debutante who fell down during her presentation because she was drunk off champagne, those highland park debutantes sure are beautiful though!"
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The girls are beautiful, the boys are well-groomed and cocky. The women are nosy and annoying (especially if mothers), and the men are aggressive and self-affirming. Money is everywhere, causing many people to simply throw change into trash cans. If you enjoy the eternal presence of cops, this is the place for you. Minorities beware: The people will act like they aren't afraid of you, but they are really terrified. Never has such a small community had so many specialized community newspapers. If you enjoy frequent ecounters with reality, do not move into Highland Park.
Hey ya'll, lets go to the burger place in Highland Park and look at all the beautiful people.
by Diedrich von Octuberstein March 30, 2006
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Known as "the bubble", Highland Park is a sweet little suburb inside of Dallas. Yes, most of it is made up of rich people, but there are less snobs than you would think. Everyone is friendly and everything is within biking/walking distance. Not everyone is a complete idiot/blonde/pretty but stupid, just a few, if any at all. Way back in time HP actually tried to become a part of Dallas, but Dallas turned them down. (So really Dallas has no reason to be mad at HP.) HP is a great neighborhood, but like every other town in the world, there are some snobs, violence, drugs, and random shizz.
Person 1: I bet no one in Highland Park would help that homeless guy over there.

Person 2: Yeah, but neither would you kumquat.
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Welcome to Highland park where the rich get richer and the poor, well there are no poor. A place where you can live in complete ignorance of the world but still think you are helping to make it a better place. Please feel free to stop by our high school to meet our girls that have been on the pill since 12 and our overly pretentious boys who believe everyone wants part of who they are. HPHS is a place where you don't get F's, you get E's. Because in Highland Park you don't fail, you'd have to be in the real world to do that. Here is a place where people aren't out right mean to you, that is unless you were to offend "what they stand for," but they speak to you with ice in their voice.
Highland Park is the Stepford of the real world. Everything is so awfully perfect that you would suspect robots, only robots would be a welcome replacement to the women that float around the town casting their ideals on the "world." The only things more fake than them are their bodies. Come to Highland park to forget your real worries and focus on...CLOTHS.
"Hey Joe have you been to Highland Park"
"No Bob, I have decided to life a meaningful life"
"But Joe one visit can't hurt"
"Oh contraire Bob, step in Highland Park and you'll be tainted forever"
by The Highland Gentile January 22, 2009
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A small community very close to the center of Dallas, Texas. It is referred to as "The Bubble" seeing that is conveniently surrounded by a highway/tollway/major road on every side and seems to be very "high in" compared to the outlying areas. Most Highland Park residents are stereotyped as Christian, Conservative and Wealthy which, the majority of the time, is true. Highland Park is relatively expensive compared to near by towns but is worth the money. Highland Park High School is one of the top ranked high schools in Texas and the city is overall very safe. Though many people find pleasure in bashing the "blonde barbies" that live here most people in HP already know that brunette is WAY sexier. ;)
"Highland Park! Go Scots!"
by TheFuzzz87593093 April 10, 2009
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Many, as there are a number of them accross America, MI, TX, CA and others. This definition is CA. A community with significant architecture since its beginnings in the 1880s along the Arroyo Seco. In the midst of gentrification, it contatins almost every popular Southern California architectural style from the late 1880s to the 1940s is represented, from Queen Anne Victorian and Craftsman to Mission and Tudor Revival. Highland Park also has many transitional-style homes that blend elements from more than one period.
Parkies: Texas
Homies: California
by Mogh June 9, 2005
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1. A place in Texas commonly refered to as "the bubble" in which rich conservative caucasian christians are found in abundance and where political and religious differences are frowned upon. Filled with what people would call brats who always complain about people discriminating against them, but really who are everything people say they are. People within the bubble often survive on Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Juicy Couture, cell phones, the O.C, and country clubs.
2. Hell
HP Student in science class: Ok, who else was upset that the O.C was interupted last night by the President's speech?

Person #1: What happend to your car?
Person #2: I had a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on it and someone came and keyed it 3 times. (All actual events)
by the liberal one May 1, 2005
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