A large chain of hotels in the U.S. that is middle to upper class.
Why don't the Hiltons stay at the Marriott for once?
by LLM October 12, 2005
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Somebody who travels around and visits Wetherspoons pub and also has a tendency to chat utter shit on social media.
It's Marriott o clock mother fucker!
by Old Speckled Guant February 16, 2017
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When you tit fuck a chicks ass cheeks during intercourse
Jack: "Hey Ben last night i gave my woman The Marriott"
Ben: "That's the way mate"
by Hey Mr. Prime Minster...Andy January 1, 2014
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A very tall man who is a Tory. He is reportedly known to spit on the poor and detest the homeless. He is trilingual and mentions this approximately 17 times a minute.

He also has a very fucking sexy accent.
"Hey look, there's James Marriott!"
"Haha Tory"
"This joke is getting old."
"Sorry James."
by respectalgebra September 6, 2020
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Keeps leaving me on read, James if you’re reading this please reply. I’m very upset. First you insult me on twitter then you do this JAMES WHAT THE HELL
Me: hello James
James Marriott:
by Wagawagapacman May 17, 2020
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