a.) Any transaction using one dollar bills; paying somebody off with one dollar bills.
b.) Any dance commonly performed in urban areas by suburban kids who have no idea how to dance.
c.) the act of snitching; in reference to "I cannot tell a lie."
a.) Greg: I felt so bad yesterday. I had to pay for my burger with a credit card because i didnt have any thing over a $1.

Bill: Dude, next time just do the George Washington.

b.) James: Dude, that kid over there sucks so bad at dancing!

Kareem: I know. Man, hes totally doing the George Washington.

c.) Rudy: Why are we taking out Freddie again?

Bruno: Dunno. But word on the street says he did the George Washington.
by Franco Del Marco September 18, 2006
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George Washington, he was our first president and a badass general.
by idiot *trademark* November 2, 2017
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The crazy, awesome general who led the US to its freedom and killed 20000 British. He also became the 1st president.
Did you learn about George Washington?
Yes, he is an awesome guy.
by zit224 April 8, 2019
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First President of the United States of America. Led the Continental Army to victory over the British and all those damn mercenaries they hired. Also known as the 'Dollar bill guy'.

George Washington never did chop down a cherry tree, and this rumor was believed to be started by some school teacher with the knowledge of Mr. Garrison. He did, however, sleep everywhere, and it is unlikely that he just slept, since the chicks were getting a little bored with 'bundling'.
Boy: Hello?

Geo. Washington: Yeah? Whadda' you want?

Boy: Are you Mr. Washington? George Washington?

Geo. Washington: Is this another one of you damn kids looking for a meal ticket?

Boy: But my mom says....

Geo. Washington: Look kid... I get a lot of this. The phone's ringing day and night, which is creepy since we've got another 100 years before its invention. But never mind that. Who's your mother, anyway?

Boy: Betsy Churchbottomfeeder.

Geo. Washington: Okay! I did spend the night at her house, but slept alone. Tell your mother to call an attorney. She ain't gettin' shit.

Boy: Oh, woe is me! A bastard once again! Boo-hoo, boo-hoo.

Geo. Washington: Lemme give you Jefferson's number. He falls for this shit all the time.

Boy: Thanks, bro!
by Glastonbury Dex August 6, 2007
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the most badass person to ever live, only rivaled by alexander the great.
could crush a wallnut between two fingers.
rode past british lines as they reloaded owning most of them with his sword.
george washington ganked the hessians on the delaware
by asdfquerty June 11, 2008
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The second greatest human in the history of everything, only to be beaten by his best and longest friend Jesus.
George Washington once stopped a musket bullet with his teeth only to have them shatter and replaced by wooden ones with gold in the center. He then went on to slaughter the entire British regiment of 50 men with his sword and trusty steed.
by The Great American August 13, 2008
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Georgie Washing Machine is the most elite founding father out them all. He is cool beans and Thomas Jefferson can suck it
George Washington kindly kicked King George to the curb
by a1isa October 9, 2021
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