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A phrase expressing displeasure, disapproval, or a feeling of getting ripped off. It can also be used to describe a person that defines the phrase. It is similar to the phrases, "that sucks" or "that's gay".
John: "I wish I could go to the movies, but I have to babysit my little brother tonight."
Jane: "Aww man your parents promised! That's booty."
by Katrina Riberio October 01, 2006
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Often used as an exclamation of displeasure; to show one's acknowledge of getting ripped off, disappointed, ect.
Teacher: I changed my mind. We will have a Chapter Test that will be worth 60 points tomorrow.
Kid: That's booty!
by Murrayyyy September 14, 2007
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Its when something is messed up!
She cut yo d*ck off man thats just booty

*just looked at your f on a test*

You:Man thats booty
by Ki December 19, 2003
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Something really awesome, great, terrific...etc.
John N.: hey bro i just got free fries at wendy's!! John G.: sweeet man! That's booty!
by LizzieVonRouge October 13, 2010
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