Hassan is a beautiful, sexy, cute , handsome,kindhearted, loveable person who is really fit and has a great sense of humour and is really funny.he has amazing hair and long gorgeous eyelashes.he's bit the type of person to ask a girl out as girls tend to ask him out as they cannot resist how cute he is.however sometimes he can be moody and angry and wouldn't like to talk or interact with anyone unless its his girlfriend or group of close friends.Hassan would get all the girls in school but he would only be seen with the most beautiful girl in the school.He also would tend to get into alot of trouble in school as he is a savage.he's also really talented. Hassan has the ability to grow up and become a Calvin Klein model because of how beautiful he is.
girl1: omfg who is he hes soooo hot
Girl 2: he must be a Hassan!
by aliyah hx December 17, 2017
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Hassan is one of the best person you will get to know.he has the kindest heart but can get angry at times but if u really get to know him he is very friendly. All the boys ask him for advice in every thing Hassan has the biggest dreams and for Hassan they will obviously come true. He is a sexy looking guy who's keeps his loved ones really close to his heart no matter what.
"What a sick bitch Hassan is"
by Kadoola321 November 23, 2016
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Its a female version of the masculine "Hasan";

The 'Hassan' spelling derives from Celtic origins, "Has-Ann" and is similar to other names such as "Jo-Ann", "Mary-Ann", "Peggy-Ann" etc. It was eventually shortened from Has-Ann to Hassan as the hyphenating slowly became obsolete.
My sister gave birth yesterday to a boy and his name is Hasan... My other sister had a girl and she named her
by daywalkz April 28, 2008
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Super wise and peaceful guy, everyone feels comfortable around him.
Girl: Hassan is very cute and kind, I want to have babies like him.
by Hassan99 March 26, 2021
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Perfect in all aspects of life. Amazingly talented and athletic beyond belief. With the "bod" of a god. Is very hot, sweet, and atheltic in school sports. Has the hottest body you will ever see. Is amazingly easy to like. a guy with this name has a kick ass body and is good at sports. he looks like a holister model and wears disigners clothes. hottest kid you'll ever meet. with the nicest body you'll ever see. they seem like the kind of guy any girl wants to date. they lead girls on and have different varities of girlfriends in different cliques. Always has a huge dick no matter what. He can cum when he wants and stays hard until all the girls in the world are satisfied. asically the strongest, hottest man in the world. A Smart, handsom, athletic guy. All around awesome guy.
Hes almost a hassan!

I wanna be like that hassan!

woah..look at that guy..look at his abs.

I KNOW! he's such a hassan!

ey, theres hassan. He's looking amazing.
by jonadomingo May 12, 2010
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Hassan's are usually handy men that are known to get the job done. As a result, in many areas of the world, this word has often been used in place of "Favor/Favour"
1. Hey could you do me a Hassan?

2. Cheers for the Hassan mate
by Muchachoo January 15, 2010
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