A metalcore band from Poughkeepsie, New York that incorporates techno into their music. They're very underground with most fans enjoying their song oblivate, a Harry potter reference.
Person A:Did you hear that's outrageous is coming out with an EP soon?
Person B: What do you mean and outrageous EP?
Person A: No the metalcore band That's Outrageous! Is writing an EP.
by Connor126 November 21, 2013
1) A great affront.
2) To greatly affront.
3) The state of being greatly affronted.
4) Someone whose presence is a great affront.
"Why do I get shocked when I ought to be outraged?"

"Some outrage made a pass at me at the bar."
"What did you do?"
"Told him to go fuck himself."
by Qit March 23, 2004
A feeling white middle class people have over the least boring thing to happen to their otherwise pointless day.
I was outraged
by Mec August 30, 2015
Scandalized, indignantly offended, stutteringly appalled, sickeningly grossed out, bug-eyed with rage -- you get the idea -- in response to some word, phrase, idea, joke, characterizatiuon, slur, insult, etc. Particularly applies to a woman, woman's group, or women in general. thereby increasing male glee. In fact, guys are delighted by the distinctly feminine tint the term has taken on recently.
"EXCUSE ME?? Did you just call me a (c-word)? I am OUTRAGED!! Help! Police! Somebody arrest that man!"
by RoastR February 16, 2012

The state of being outraged by things that didn't particularly bother you a couple of months ago. Turning a blind eye to contradictory facts while you rush to virtue signal and express sympathy with whatever the popular cause is at the time on the social medias. Though at the same time doing absolutely nothing of any practical value to tackle the issue.
Closely related to:
Offendism; the act of spending one's life looking for things to be offended about.
"We need to rewrite history, start over again, we need to seek forgiveness for the past wrongs....."

"Dave, calm down, you weren't like this last year, stop playing the outrageism card"
by crimbo97 June 24, 2020
this word means to be beyond the point of sexy
you are so outrageous
you are so mari
you are so kyle
by kyleluva March 20, 2005