An abbreviation in text language meaning "together".
Hey Tyler, wanna play some games tgt?
by Blueatico January 9, 2019
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The gay thing. Used by people who are talking about a gay person, and how all the aspects of their lifestyle affect others.
While my friend was coming out, tgt turned our lives upside down.
by Scrog September 5, 2007
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Are we going for tea tgt tmr evening?
by QwertyL March 1, 2018
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An abbreviation of The Grand Tour, a British motoring show on Amazon Prime Video.
I watched TGT S3E7, it was quite hilarious.
by WackyFolf February 25, 2019
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Sam: Hey Andy, you're a TGT
Andy: I'm a what?
Sam: A tiny giant t-rex
by Lady Glitter Sparkles September 14, 2019
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(thick girl) Hey guess what day it is!

(other thick girl) What?
(thick girl) TGT!!!
(other thick girl) AYYYEE!!!
by Bomb🐱 January 26, 2017
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Allyn was listening to TGT while working on her dishes.
by It's raw November 28, 2016
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