Thick girls or women are those who have curve but are not fat. They have a solid body-type, big boobs, big hips, small waist, and big butt. They have a body that won't break when you have sex. Not only do they have a body you can grab on to, but they usually have a confident personality. If not, tell them what an amazing body they have. Thick girls are generally more real than skinny chicks, which have nothing to grab on to. These girls have great bodies and usually don't think that because they think they are fat. But guys know the difference. They are generally nicer than skinny girls. They work on their personality because they don't think they have anything else going for them. They are nice, beautiful (and don't know it), funny, real, have a great body, and try so hard to keep a man in a relationship. They are the kind of girls who will always be sexy and cofident. So, don't forget to tell them that. These girls are the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And even though this sounds wierd, they'll even be sexy when they're 65+. Don't let a thick girl, chick, or women, think that they are fat. Build them up and dont ler them tear themselves down. They are worth every second of your time. BBW = Big Beautiful Women.
Guy1: Maaaaaaan, she is seeeeexy!
Guy2: She has the biggest boobs I have ever seen.

Guy1: Yeah, she's a thick girl.
Guy2: I need a girls like that. Always sexy, funny, sweet, and bangable.
by Iamarealone November 14, 2016
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(thiK gûrl) adj.
1. A word comming from modern Black Pop Culture. It is simply defined as one (female of the negroid race) with a large buttox. Also, one who does not have acces fat, but is not skinny either (again a female if hte begroid race).
A good description of a so called "thick girl" was made by Cornell Haynes, Jr. who also goes by the name of "Nelly". The reference to the word was made in his song: RIDE WITH ME from the ALBUM Country Grammer. He refers to a "thick girl" as "Her measurements were 36-25-34".
Thick Girl : Her measurements were 36-25-34. (Cornell Haynes, Jr.)
by YARKHAN December 29, 2005
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A thick girl is a girl who is an above average size. However she is not fat. She is solid. One way to see test is to slap her ass.........If it jiggles then shes more fat than thick . If it doesnt, you my friend have a thick girl :)
Thick models include. Raven Simone, Bootylicious, Mz. Buttaworth etc. These are thick girl
by dskillah September 6, 2008
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Thick girls are BBG's or big booty girls with realatively small waists. Thick girls tend to have a hour glass shape. There are many differences between fat snd thick girls and most people(mainly female) are confused. The simplist way to end this is to think about yourself and an hourglass. If ur thick and not desperate to be thick, your measurement should be decently accurate.
Shawty's got the phatest azz and still doesn't really hav waist.

I like those thick girls, you know?
They have the booty I want without the belly i don't.

Thick girls, cant live without em'.
by Thickgirllova December 13, 2013
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When a white girl has a decent booty but is called white girl thick because she thick for a white girl.
Trent: “Bro she got a decent boot”
Tyreese: “Naw she white girl thick, she’s put at a lower booty standard”.
by ThatNiggaThatMakesDefinitions November 18, 2020
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