The Amazon Prime, often shortened to just "the Prime", is the supreme leader of the Capitalist Republic of Amazon. The name "Amazon Prime" originated as a subscription service that rewarded people who bought it with perks such as a streaming service and free shipping, but once Amazon seized control of the United States during the First Brand War (2037-2040), the subscription service became mandatory for all citizens, so the name "Amazon Prime" was repurposed for the leader of Amazon. The current Prime is Jeff Bezos IV.
Bezos III was a better Amazon Prime than Bezos IV imo. Bezos III introduced same hour delivery and legalized interspecial marriage, all Bezos IV did was drag us into war with Alibaba and Tencent.

by furryraper69 July 8, 2019
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(Verb) To have sex. The logo is a smirk and looks like a curved penis and head

(Noun) the act of sex itself
Me: “Now that I’m orally bisexual I see phallic symbols everywhere”
Wife: “That’s just the amazon prime logo”
Me: “I wanna amazon prime wit you”
by Fortyyearold March 23, 2019
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a person who sends and receives nudes on a daily. you can use amazon by its self if there is no nudity in the picture but if there is thsat person will be labeled "amazon prime"
molly has been sending a lot of "packages" to jack. you could call her "amazon prime"
by magan marcool October 17, 2018
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Like Netflix and Chill but with Amazon prime because you are broke; I.E. to have sex and watch a movie or TV show
Dude 1: Yo, I heard you and Angela Netflix and Chill'd
Dude 2: Nah, just Amazon Prime and Intertwine
by Mrliger December 16, 2015
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The next level of netflix and chill. One who makes a life time "commitment" with partner and subscription to amazon prime. Committed sexual intercourse with that same partner over a long period of time.
Darryl is taking this relationship to a whole other level man... He is going from netflix and chill to amazon prime and commitment
by EducatedTeacher February 23, 2016
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Sara: "Hey babe the kids are all tucked into bed. What would you like to do?"
Harry: "Netflix and chill?"
Sara: "Really what are we 16?"
Harry: "Amazon Prime and Wine?"
Sara: "I'll get the glasses"
by CherrySprinkles September 29, 2015
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Very similar to Netflix and Chill, Amazon Prime and Chill is all about a booty call and not the actual movies. But take note that Amazon Prime and Chill is a better "bang" for your buck. A Prime subscription gets you free two-day shipping on all Amazon orders and Prime Video at a slightly less expensive rate than Netflix.
"wanna hang?"
"sure, but i'm not down for netflix and chill!"
"i don't have netflix, but we can definitely amazon prime and chill"
"ok sweet:)"
by colonel moo September 27, 2015
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