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When you receive a text and your phone is resting against your genitals, causing the vibration to massage your package.
"What was that face, dude"
"I just got the nicest text massage from my Blackberry"
by VPforVP April 18, 2012
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When one gets a text message when their phone is on vibrate. The phone vibrates and creates a massaging feeling in ones thigh, creating pleasure to the recipient.
Job interviever: what do you think you can offer to the company?
Ryan: uhhh.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Narrarator: Ryan cannot control his emotions during his interview due to his receiving of a "text massage".
by Ryan J G February 25, 2006
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when your phone vibrates from a text giving you a short but sweet massage

"Thanks Jordanna, I just got your text massages. They were informative and pleasureful!"
by Jennifer Goldberg March 08, 2008
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When someone texts a friend multiple times, creating a constant vibration on the receiver's cell phone so they can massage various parts of their body.
Friend 1 - Hey man, i have a really bad stomach ache, mind giving me a text massage?

Friend 2

by Dyl-pod February 26, 2010
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Noun: A person places a cell phone between their legs, sets it to vibrate, and hopes he/she is not texted by his/her mother.
That textmassage was so thrilling I almost ruined my iPhone.
by TrickFace Killah January 02, 2009
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What happens when you have your phone on vibrate and is in your pocket and you get a text, vibrating on your genitals and giving a very good massage.
Angela was sitting down, and randomly got a text massage from her dad.
by destructotruck March 17, 2010
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That massage one gives to his/her own face after falling asleep while reading any college text book; this 'text' massage may last up to 2 hours often involving drooling;While some will argue to the contrary, there is NO evidence to support the claim that text massages increase the recipients knowledge base. see osmosis
I was up all night giving my face a text massage.
by Sweetjsus March 09, 2006
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